Eric is generous and good natured, not unlike a most of my clients. He reminds me how much each client helps me grow as a mentor. Here are his comments:

Marc has had a profound effect on my personal development. His thoughtful and encouraging style creates space for me to practice what I’m learning and to apply the techniques in my day to day life. I’ve made numerous break-through’s and I’ve learned so much from him, about how to be the predominant creative force in my own life. Marc’s method for delivering his wisdom is top notch and full of useful tools. Having Marc as a coach is the missing piece you can’t get in books or seminars.

Marc has a very distinct and well established system he uses and each step in the process adds additional insight into the last. He is honest and clear and works with me to set benchmarks for growth that serve and support me.
If you’ve ever tried coaching before and haven’t seen results or if you’re new to coaching and want assurances that your coach is at the top of their game, then look no further than Marc Cooper-DiFrancia.

Marc is dedicated to growth and to helping get results. Marc is gifted as a coach and skilled at helping his students learn how to trust their intuition, make choices that honor the true nature and craft a story that supports the sought after results. My story is an example that his system is highly effective.

I give Marc my grateful thanks and my highest recommendation.

Eric Brocksome
Boise, Idaho

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