I take a three-pronged approach to my coaching and seminar work:

  1. Pain Triage. Our goal is to identify your wound, understand the power it has over you, and assess its impact on your well-being. Through a series of enlightening exercises and processes, we gain great insight into the thoughts and feelings that are running your show, and then we explore the often unseen byproducts of that thinking. Once we’ve got a good working knowledge of the wound, and its effect on you, we take the steps necessary to master your ego and shut it up. The goal isn’t to destroy the ego, nor is it to deny the wounds that drive it. The goal is simply to understand the ego’s hidden agenda, and derail it.
  1. Reconnection. Here we start to tune in to your quiet guiding voice. Most people don’t believe they have a voice like this, but we all do. Truth is, it’s there, but you can’t usually hear it over the screams of your ego. For those who do occasionally hear the voice of their intuition, many of them dismiss it or can’t convince themselves to trust it. How many times have YOU said, “If only I’d listened to that voice in my head, this would have all turned out much better”? This is where we abandon conventional wisdom and stop doing it the way EVERYONE thinks it SHOULD be done. During this phase we take ONLY the steps we are guided to take, forsaking any actions that haven’t come directly from our higher consciousness. I’ll teach you effective, sure-fire ways to learn to trust your intuition and allow it to guide you.
  1. Follow Through. I’ll teach you to not only hear the voice and trust it, but to ACT on the advice it gives you. By this point, you’ll already have a clear set of results you’d like to create in your life, and these new tools will help you create them. You will have gained the power and discipline to take action when the situation demands it. You will have the skills, focus and determination to enact your will in the direction of growth, empowerment and conscious creation.