Britains-Got-TalentRecently, a former client of mine contacted me because he wanted me to be the first to know that he’d been approached to be a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. He’d decided to go for it, and he wanted me to know that it all traced back to ONE action he took while we were working together. He’d come to me to do some work around his voice over career, which was going along well, but not as robustly as he would like. After doing some work around the principles of self-mastery and connecting with his genius (intuition), we turned our focus to what he would LOVE to do. This was a big step for him as he was mainly influenced by left brain thinking. To get past that he, quite simply, tapped into his intuition and got a hit to do something fun that centered around his love for doing impressions. A few days later he followed this hit of inspiration and (just for fun) put together a show reel of himself doing impressions of some well-known British celebrities; he posted it on Facebook and shared it with his friends. It was a simple action that would change the trajectory of his life immensely. A few weeks later he was approached by Britain’s Got Talent and asked if he would like to audition for the show. He auditioned and he started the competition  this week. Watching him stand in his genius and do what he loves was truly amazing. Here was a man who had never been in front of an audience, doing something he had never done before, and he knocked it out of the park!!!  Whether he wins or not, the effect this has had on him and his career has already been dramatic and it serves as a great example of how consciously creating your life will change the ease and joy you experience in it.

Now, in complete honestly, Darren Altman and I only worked together for about sixteen hours, before he felt he had gotten what he came for, but it is a perfect illustration of the fact that changing your life doesn’t have to take years. It just takes a certain level of understanding and a genuine willingness to listen your heart and follow through on its guidance. During our time together Darren learned to “change the way he thinks”. As a result he “no longer sweats the little stuff” and is “happier and earning more money than he ever has before” (his words). He’s living the life he always dreamed of; he’s getting recognition from his peers and from contemporaries in his field; and more than anything he’s having fun, and supporting his family while he does something he loves. None of that would have ever happened if he had not heard the voice of his genius and followed it. He is NOT an isolated case. Everyone I know that lives their lives this way (and I know hundreds of Conscious Creators) has stories that are just as dramatic (myself included). We all experienced a “life shift” that started with changing the way we thought and felt about life, and we can all trace the ‘shift’ back to one obvious action we took.

Many of us believe that life is like a game of chess. We work diligently to do all the things ‘necessary’ to move out of the position of pawn and into the position of queen (the most powerful piece on the board). Conscious Creators think a bit differently. They aren’t happy with being the queen in a game, they prefer to be the hand that moves the queen. They become the predominant creative force in their lives, by being connected to their higher consciousness and following the guidance that it affords them – even if they can’t see HOW following that guidance could do anything to change anything. They forsake conventional wisdom in favor of doing what they LOVE, because living that way is an authentic expression of who they are. And they always live their truth, even if it means taking a risk. The path of the Conscious Creator takes discipline and courage…It is not easy, but it IS worth it!!!

My name is Marc DiFrancia and I’ve dedicated my life to raising the consciousness of this planet. I dream of the day when the global collective consciousness shifts to a perspective that doesn’t see war as an economic necessity, that doesn’t allow big business to corrupt government, and that embraces the planet as the womb of our existence, NOT some resource to be used and destroyed. My mission is to awaken the conscious creating skills of as many people as I possibly can. If you’d like to learn more about creating your life consciously, I’d love to hear from you.

Completion, or competition?

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