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‘Screw the Wound’ Webinars and Workshops:

The Five Aspects of Successful Creating

Over the years, many theories have developed to help explain the mechanisms for effective creating and how to employ them. Who can forget ‘The Secret’ or all the other Law of Attraction theories that cropped up around it? All of them provided useful information into the creative process.  But, as we’ve grown wiser over the years, many would-be creators have begun to realize that the Law of Attraction is simply the foundation your creations are built on, and that the Law of Attraction alone is not enough for you to create lasting, powerful change in your life. We must change the way we think and become conscious of the egoic agenda that is quietly running our lives, before we can start to create true change and begin to live the lives we’ve always dreamed of. Come along and join us for this free webinar that will provide you with useful insights into becoming a truly powerful creator. Upon completing this webinar you will be issued a voucher for a free, no obligation, coaching session with Marc DiFrancia. It’s a great opportunity to discuss your creative abilities with an experienced and powerful creator and see how you can take them to the next level.

This webinar series offers you all the understanding you’ll ever need to unleash your creative genius. The goal, simply put, is to turn down the volume of the voice of your ego, and turn up the volume on the guiding voice of your intuition, so that you can not only HEAR that voice, but TRUST it as well.

It starts with an explanation of the tricks your ego uses to control you and keep you in your fear-based thinking. We’ll take an in-depth look at your own personal egoic agenda (the thoughts and feelings, beliefs, assumptions, and judgments that are crippling your creative ability). Once we have a better understanding of your egoic agenda, Marc will teach you several useful ways to shift your focus away from your fear-based thinking so that you can stay firmly rooted in your creative frequency. From there we will take a look at the things you want to create in your life and examine whether they are motivated by fear or love. And finally, we’ll explore various ways to connect you with your higher-self (your creative genius) so you can create the things you would love with ease.


Personal Coaching (Introductory Package)

If webinars aren’t your thing, or you just feel you’d benefit more from working one-on-one with Marc, then this introductory coaching package may be just right for you. It provides you with a chance to work personally with Marc, at a fraction of his going rate for personal coaching sessions. Once enrolled, you’ll embark on a personal journey of discovery facilitated by Marc DiFrancia. Over the course of four sessions you’ll receive all of the insights offered in the Screw the Wound training, in a nurturing and private environment. Each session will last approximately two hours and will leave you understanding the Marc DiFrancia difference. This is NOT your typical coaching experience and everybody who has gone through this training has benefitted greatly from the experience. These sessions are close, intimate, challenging and mind blowing. If you’re ready to stop making excuses for yourself and can handle someone calling you out on your hairy bullshit, then this is the offer to consider.


Personal Coaching

Marc is very selective about who he takes on as a coaching client. He gets results and he’s not likely to work one-on-one with anyone who isn’t willing to make the commitment to change. However, if you’ve completed the Screw the Wound training, or have gone through the introductory coaching sessions, you’ll be eligible to discuss the possibility of continuing to work with Marc as your personal coach. His proven track record of connecting people with their creative frequency and helping them to stay connected to it, has made him one of the most effective coaches in the industry today. So, if you’re struggling to connect to your creative genius, or if you swing between being highly creative and totally blocked, coaching with Marc DiFrancia will offer you the chance to stay firmly focused on creating your life as you would have it be.