You’re a powerful creator. Stop wasting that power. Harness your creative energy to transform your life, your business, and your world. You can be a chess piece on the board of life, or you can be the hand that moves them…The choice is yours…

What Can a Creative Self-Mastery Mentor Do For You?

MarcHeadshotI am Marc DiFrancia, a no-nonsense, results oriented, highly intuitive, creative self mastery mentor. I will teach you how to master your unconscious mind and live every day in your true creative orientation. Together, we can build the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

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What is Creative Self Mastery?

Simply put, it’s the practice that keeps you out of the pendulum swing between moments of high functioning creativity (those times when you are creating effortlessly) and moments of low productivity (feeling blocked, uninspired, or disconnected). Using the principles of self mastery, connection to intuition and CONSCIOUS creating, we remove the barriers between you and your creative genius.


Know yourself…

Be guided by your intuition…

Use your Inner Guidance to take the obvious actions that will create success…
Stop resolving tension in ways that don’t serve you, and start harnessing the power of creative self mastery to optimize your creative powers. Create your dream life effortlessly!!!

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I have a proven track record of keeping people firmly anchored in their creative energy. I’ve helped countless people recognize their egoic agenda, neutralize it, and shift their focus toward creating a life they would love to live.

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